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    Our Partners

    jbbThe aforementioned company is one of the biggest and most popular producers operating in the meat processing branch of industry. The JBB enterprise was established in 1992. It was also the time, when a small, almost unknown company started to achieve notable successes. Consumers have appreciated the food products offered by the company especially thanks to their exceptional taste. Great meat-based products from Łyse are known all over Poland, but the company has also decided to familiarize the citizens of Western Europe with its culinary masterpieces.

    Products brought to the customers by the JBB Company have a special place in our offer. We would especially like to encourage you to try astonishing, high quality cooked meats offered by the firm in question. We can recommend, among others: Homemade Pepperoni Sticks, Zdzich’s Smoked Ham, Łyse’s Ham, and Salami with paprika. We are pretty sure that all the individuals who will decide to try them will admire their exceptional delicacy and unforgettable taste. That is why we would like all our customers to try those marvelous food products!

    knorrThere is no need to convince anyone to purchase products offered by Knorr, as their quality is exceptional and has been noticed by many. Not all of the customers know that Carl Heinrich Knorr and his sons were the pioneers in introducing easy to prepare food products into the market. They started their business operation from harvesting and drying chicory to be sold to local coffee producers. Nevertheless, their ambitions were in fact much bigger, as they wanted to create and implement a system of drying separate vegetables in order to keep their unique aroma and nutritious value. Currently, it is almost impossible to look at the shelves in shop and not to see stock cubes or instant soups brought to the customers by the Knorr brand.

    What Knorr products can be found in our offer? We would like to interest you with creamy instant soups which can be prepared almost immediately, as well as bouillons. What is more, our offer also incorporates a wide range of ready-made meals in cups, which are ready to be consumed after mixing them with hot water. The said products are a perfect foundation for creating quick meals being alternatives to typical sandwiches. We can wholeheartedly recommend the products of this company.

    nestleThe enterprise in question was established in 1866 by a Swiss pharmacist – Henri Nestlé in Vevey, Switzerland. Even today, the headquarters of the company specializing in production of exquisite food products is located there. It is also worth indicating that Nestlé focuses mainly on variety, in the same time supporting the development of local industry, as its factories are located all over the world. The numbers connected with the turnover of the enterprise are also shocking – in 2010 alone, the profits made by selling Nestlé products reached approximately 110 billion CHF.

    Our offer includes various products brought to the gourmets by the company. Among them, one may distinguish, for example, delicious coffee, cereals, and sweets. Such marvelous waffles and chocolate bars as – Kit Kat, Lion, and Princessa fall into the latter category. The Nestlé Company is also the owner of the Winiary brand, under which such commodities as instant soups, bouillons, mayonnaises, spices, and cake additives are sold. What is more, our product range incorporates Gerber ready-made meals for children, as the latter brand has also been purchased by Nestlé.

    pudliszkiConsumers have been being granted the chance to try marvelous products made by Pudliszki since 1920. Recently, all the goods sold by the company have a new logo which perfectly indicates the long lasting tradition of the brand on both Polish and European markets. Currently, the assortment of the company includes 83 products. All of them are meticulously made out of best quality selected ingredients. It is possible thanks to a close cooperation of the firm with trustworthy and reliable planters only.

    We have introduced Pudliszki-branded commodities to our offer especially due to the fact that they have been appreciated and praised by the customers. Among many food products you like and value, there are tomato pastes, ketchups, or pasta sauces. We also remembered about ready-made jarred meals, vegetable mixes, and canned vegetables. We would like to encourage you to place orders for delicious and fresh products made by Pudliszki. You will surely be amazed with their breathtaking taste!

    tarczynskiThe Tarczyński Company is one of our main business partners operating in cooked meats and meat processing branches of industry. The enterprise was established in 1898 as Jacek Tarczyński’s Food Processing Company. Currently, after many years of investing and creating strong bonds with its customers, the firm has a strong position on the market. Its operation is mainly based on pork and chicken meat processing. The aforementioned company is also the owner of the Dobrosława brand, under which the products suitable for export are offered.

    Our wholesale store has the access to numerous products made in the factories of the Tarczyński Company. We would like to recommend our clients to familiarize themselves with such appreciated and well-known product series as “Tastes of the World” or “Geesowskie Smoked Meats”. We may also supply you with the following types of smoked meats: Chili Pepperoni Sticks, Buttered Chicken, Spanish Fillet, Hunter’s Sausage, or Potted Sausage. Do not hesitate and try all of them as soon as possible!

    bobovitaThe BoboVita brand, which is exceptionally popular and valued by the parents of small children, is a part of the appreciated Nutricia Company. The latter was created by combining a Polish and a foreign company in 1993. Only 2 years later, the aforementioned BoboVita was created. The enterprise specializes mainly in production of food products for toddlers and small children, as well as clinical food designed for individuals required to keep a restricted diet. As the brand has been positively assessed by parents, we have decided to start commercial cooperation with the company.

    Among the commodities that can be recommended to all the people caring about their children there are drinks, desserts, bottled soups, and canned teas. The goods in question are available in various tastes. We would like to indicate the fact that when it comes to food products we do exercise proper supervision over their storage. Feel free to familiarize yourselves with the detailed product offer, as well as to place orders for the assortment sold under the BoboVita brand.

    hochlandDelicious and pleasantly creamy processes cheeses made by Hochland are well known to almost all consumers. The firm producing it is a family business with it seat in Heimenkirch, Allgäu. From the very beginning of its operation, its owners have been focused on improving the quality of cheese and using it to make various food products. Today, the Hochland brand is appreciated all over the world, and many gourmets cannot imagine a meal without those cheese spreads on the table. Interestingly enough, only a year after establishing the company, in 1928, the product range was expanded by adding Emmentaler cheese spread to it. It was then sold in 6/6 and 3/6 cans.

    Due to the fact that our company has always been focused on quality, we have been more than willing to start cooperation with such a recognized company operating in the milk processing branch of industry. Our customers may choose to order Almette cheese spread, as well as various types of cheese in slices and whole sets. The latter are just perfect for preparing toasts for breakfast. We would like to encourage our clients to check the Hochland product range and order the ones that have been assessed as worth trying!

    virtuThe credo of the Virtu Company is „Making your life easier”. It is so, as since 1992 the said producer has been offering its customers tasty, fresh, and aromatic ready-made products the popularity of which only increases. From the very begging, the owners predominantly focused on introducing homemade and delicious products to the market. In Poland, they can be found in almost all respected chain stores. Due to the fact, we have also decided to bring those marvelous commodities right to our consumers.

    The current product range incorporates almost all the goods made by the aforementioned enterprise. We would like to recommend you exquisite dumplings, pancakes, croquettes, as well as typically Polish ready-made products, like hunter’s stew, stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce, or baked beans. We have not forgotten about all the aficionados of pizzas, toasties, and lasagna! You will always be satiated while taking advantage of the goods made by Virtu!


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